What is Media Buying? Why Mobile Media Buying

What is Media Buying?

Media Buying is the process of buying online traffic from websites or networks and monetize it by promoting offers from direct advertisers or networks which pay you to do that.

For example, a Media Buyer pays a website for showing his ad (for example, a banner ad).

In other words, he pays if the users of the website actually see the banner.

This model is called cost-per-impression.

On the other side, our Media Buyer gets paid by the advertiser (owner of this offer) when those users click on the offer and make an acquisition, which may be a subscription, a sale, etc.

Let’s try to understand the whole mobile marketing ecosystem a little better.

1. It’s a Fast Way to Make Money

For example, if you’re a webmaster, you need to create websites, work on SEO, promote it for a long time, look for users, create content, update it, etc. This whole process will obviously take a huge amount of time.

However, if you become a Media Buyer, you can start earning immediately! It’s common sense that you’ll have to invest some money.

Even so, don’t overthink it: the whole process is so fast that you’ll get to check the outcome of your investment in weeks or even days!

2. It’s About Learning

Unless you’re very lucky, you probably won’t have a big margin in you first try.

That’s perfectly normal, though.

Media Buying is all about learning, trying, testing and making mistakes.

It’s only by going through this process that you’ll be able to get both knowledge and experience.

Nonetheless, don’t worry: you’ll learn everything you need to make a bucketload of money in a very short period.

You’ll also become able to quickly understand which offers work for which traffic, understand how to follow trends, and ascertain what does and doesn’t have potential.

These invaluable experiences and skills will make you grow and ultimately will help you increase your income!

3. It’s Super Addictive

Media Buying is a very interesting, I would even say addictive activity.

Everybody dreams about the job they would really enjoy.

Apparently, Media Buying is one of those dream jobs, at least for most of the Media Buyers I know.

Take my word for it: this is something you’ll really love doing.

In fact, problems such as lack of motivation or draining boredom won’t really affect you in this line of work.

Some of these points may sound like fictional stories but I guarantee this is the truth.


If you start thinking about what really matters, you realize the most important thing is that you must enjoy what you’re doing.

I’m a Media Buyer, so you can trust me: there’s nothing like checking a campaign’s progress, analyzing stats and getting to know the amount of cash you’ve made the previous day.

4. It’s An Awesome Game

Media Buying is literally a game.

It’s an adult’s game, and a pretty interesting one too.

Basically, you analyze, invest and compete with other players.

But the best part is that – by playing this game – you earn money.

Lots of it!

Isn’t it amazing?

5. People Will Always Help You Out

In addition, you’ll find a lot of great people in the Media Buying community as most of them are quite friendly and glad to help you.

There are hundreds of forums, blogs and other places where Media Buying communities share knowledge, helping each other and generally having a great deal of fun.

Moreover, it’s most likely you’ll work with some affiliate network that’ll provide you offers.

That means you get your own affiliate manager, who will always be there for you, further increasing this sense of companionship and comradery which is a cool part of the business.

6. It Allows You to Be Free

Are you sick of your boss always telling you what to do?

Are you tired of not being allowed to grow and explore your true potential?


By becoming a Media Buyer, you get to be your own boss, so all the decisions are yours to make.

You don’t need to go to the office at 9 AM anymore.

Even better than that: you don’t need to go to the office at all! From the moment you become a Media Buyer, you decide when and where to work and you choose the people you want to work with.

Does it sound like the life of a happy entrepreneur?

That’s exactly what it is!

This is entrepreneurship but with much lower investments and faster returns.

If you just give Media Buying a chance, you’ll experience all the great things about this business.

It’s probable that, after you get to be a Media Buyer, you’ll never feel like returning to an office desk.

Are There Any Risks in Media Buying?

In general, the main risk for any Media Buyer is to make less money than he invests in an ad campaign, which can happen due to a number of reasons.

In order for you to avoid the most common beginner’s mistakes, I strongly advise you to read our Mobidea Academy very carefully

Remember: if you still have questions after reading our articles, you can never forget that, on Mobidea, we’re always here for you!

If, after reading our articles, you have questions you feel like asking, don’t hesitate – we’ll be glad to help you!

We’re an international and multicultural team with extensive experience in Media Buying and give 7 days’ support to affiliates worldwide.

Therefore, even if everything seems clear, don’t think twice about reaching out to us.

I’m sure you’ll find our recommendations useful.

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